• 2246/3 in 30 overs. Smashing.

    Travelling up to Tusmore in the car, Arunav had been quizzing the Attack on those legends of Quokkadom to have scored a century while wearing the tight maroon. Clearly foretelling that his time had come to join those hallowed ranks he opened the batting with Tickets, in the process setting a Quokka record for a partnership with the largest amount of hubris. Despite this tempting of fate, always dangerous at Tusmore, the Quokkas raced to 50 off 5 overs and then, despite losing Tickets for 17 after a couple of big sixes, the 100 came up off 10! Arunav was playing gloriously and the boundaries were flowing. At the other end, the Skip has obviously studying hard at the Stuart Broad school of perambulation as an edge that could have been heard 200 miles away in Old Trafford resulted in a not out decision and no walking. DRS not available in the north of oxfordshire either. When he was was finally dismissed for 42 and Arunav decided to retire after reaching his maiden Quokka century the score was 210 off 22 overs. Sadly The Yak didn’t add much to the score leaving Snoop Rob and Knacker Pete to return Sunday bests of 30* and 13* respectively in the remaining 8 overs.

    With such a big score to defend one may have been minded to take it easy on the Tusmore batsmen. Evil Dave’s mind is not wired for thoughts of kindliness or mercy though as he struck with a wicket in each of the first three overs of his spell, the first a beauty that pitched outside leg and hit a divot seamed back to hit middle and leg. Coming up the slope, the Yak claimed 1/13 to bag a genuine Quokka record for most wickets in a season, ending up with 14 for the year.

    At first change, the Attack was menacing without reward and Tom2 took 1/3 off 3 overs until bad light forced him off due to extreme left-arm-over the wicket accuracy and pace, Faggy take note. This forced the Skip to turn to the more stately Binman, Egg, Knacker Pete and Snoop to bowl out the rest of the match with the Tusmore batting taking root and not taking any risks. Only one more wicket fell to Snoop Rob in the last over as some aggressive shots were finally attempted, but the mammoth total was too distant for this normally close contest.

    Revenge for our capitulation in 2010 perhaps



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