• Faggy is being tardy with his match report, but marvel at those scores which were both all out in a 35 over match. Yes, batting second we failed to beat a team we had bowled out for 84. Woeful.


  • Following on from Rowdy and Gladys’ dramatic tied B&F award, we are proud to bring you some imagery from the big day (not, not out):

    Emu & ...?

    Dutchy, Phantom, Rowdy and Curto looking thrilled to be at the event. Dutchy may be looking at something else. Photo is as well centred as Curto.

    Rowdy, pictured here drinking from the furry Quokka cup

    The Skinny Dog

    Emu Waterhouse laments putting his house on The Rev getting at least 1 vote

    Morts celebrates his "Mike Hussey" award for taking one for the team, Cupsy agrees

    The Rev receives his Judas award for helping take the Prince Patrick to the BDNO final

    Big Dog tells his disbelieving fans about his 8 votes

    Rowdy celebrating wildly after taking home the batting award, best batting performance award and B&F

  • This Star Wars Day saw the Quokkas head to The Brandon Hotel for the 3rd annual Gownlows presentation night.  All the Quokkas were there bar Alex and Radar, who were pre-occupied with some sort of ‘other’ entertainment in Western Australia.  Rumours abound.

    With 12 rounds of voting available this season, its was always going to be an interesting race to the B&F finish line, and so it proved with Gladys and Rowdy tying on 10 votes each for the famed broken bat.  Thankfully, the bat was in good hands at the Emu residence & has had a handle installed as well as been given a good clean.  It seems Emu does some of his best work in the off-season. Rowdy gave a touching speech, reminding us all of how bad we are as cricketers, before handing over to Gladys for more of the same.  Truly deserving winners, both.

    The other major award winners included:

    • The Christopher Reeve Award (for use of legs when batting) – J Rod
    • The Chimney Award (for incessant smoking during games) – Cupsy
    • The Mike Hussey Award (for taking one for the team) – Morts
    • The Dwayne Leverock Award (for best catch) – Sam Curtin
    • The Max Nichols Award (for best dummy spit) – Dutchy (beating out The Big Dog and the Curtin brothers)
    • The Darragh O’Donovan Award (for bravery) – Alex (beating out The Big Dog himself and Curto)
    • Best Bowling Performance – Pup
    • Most Wickets – Ed
    • Most Runs – Rowdy

    Thanks to everyone for a great season, photos of the night to follow


  • I don’t know what happened in our first match? I think I’m safe in assuming we won by 8 wickets/100 runs right? Anyway word on our next fixture from 2013 T20 captain Snoop Robby Rob

    Team for next Tuesday’s match is:

    • Snoop
    • Faggy
    • Dac
    • Kharuum (welcome)
    • Evil
    • Mantis
    • Casey
    • Yournamehere

    The Terrible’s dropped out, something about laser eye surbery (explains so much), so as we only had 8 on the sheet, we’re one short. So one more volunteer if possible? 6.20 at Paddington Rec Ground.

    Any problems, please let me know ASAP



  • With everyone keen for the summer to begin, the Quokkas brought much anticipation and excitement for the start of the cricket season. The weather was a bit on the colder side but this did not stop the new team members from bringing all of their visiting family and friends to Regent’s Park to view the sporting excellence that is known as the Quokkas. No pressure. Fielding practice began, went on and then finally ended even when the other team were asking “Where’s your skipper?” Finally after cursing faulty GPS’s and a couple of trips between the car to bring mountains of cakes and sandwiches for tea, the match started with the Whalers starting the batting.

    The beginning was extraordinary, as a first ball wicket was bowled by new recruit Tickets and caught at mid-on by the Skip – what a start! Things looked rosy as Evil and Tickets poured on the pressure and the wickets continued to fall. After ten overs the Whalers were 3/55, an excellent performance with some good fielding (did we really need that practice?). Casey then struck while bowling into the wind, with a questionable waist high no-ball the batsmen lightly edged into the slips, that had the Quokkas adjusting their position on sportsmanship. This was quickly forgotten as the next ball clean bowled the new Whaler and now the Quokkas were thinking hat trick (has this ever happened in quokka history?).  Nothing came of it but it was still an impressive stint on debut for Casey.

    The Whalers continued to score heavily however, despite losing wickets. It seemed that if anything was hit it would somehow make its way to the short boundary. Persistent yet high scoring bowling continued for Yak, Attack, Egg, Faggy and Hairdresser along with a couple of dropped catches along the way (maybe we did need that practice). Well done to the Whalers for persisting in batting after their initial breakdown with good scores of 71, 37*, 25*, 20 and 18 to finish on 237 after the 35 overs.

    After amazing teas (well done to everyone who helped) the Quokkas opened with Faggy and Snoop who definitely needed to get some cobwebs out of the system when calling runs. A clear LBW forced Faggy to depart with 11, while Evil (9) and Snoop were then both seen arguing at the same end forcing Snoop to walk off with 12. Short cameos from Skip (10) and Casey (13) added a few, but the highlight that is the Hairdresser kept the Quokkas afloat with a decent partnership with the Yak until slowly things dyed around him. In the end the Quokkas were all out with a respectable (but losing) 137 and Hairdresser wanting more on 54 not out.

    In summary, the new Aussie contingent brought a new force and excitement to the Quokkas that will hotly anticipated for the Quokka Ashes in September and all in all the Quokkas showed glimmers of hope at both the bowling and batting ends. Hopefully we can produce a few wins this season as more games will bring out the best in all of us.

    Bring on the next game.


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