• Wantage and Grove CC 102/2 bt Quokkas CC 101 (Shandy 30) by 8 wickets

    A confident Skip won the toss and put us into bat. A less confident Skip followed Faggy and Evil Dave back to the pavillion with us 26-3 and no-one troubling double figures. Rage, Shandy and Snoop then proceeded to bore the life out of the watching crowd by scoring even slower than the speed Chief was bowling. That was slow. Even slower than the ambling between the wickets. Never seen batsmen turn easy twos into singles with such aplomb.

    Plodding along at 2 an over they were at least putting on a small total. That’s until Shandy ran the Gymnast out and the our usual collapse started in earnest, Binman, Brett and the Professor adding a few to take us to a pitiful total of 101 off 32 overs. At least we got a few beers in from the bar.

    An usually subdued Quokkas opened up after tea with an all Fagberg attack, and Senior had obviously been teaching Junior his full range of beamers and half-trackers. Brett’s first Quokka wicket coming off one that might have pitched 10 yards behind wicketkeeper Prof, had the batsmen not baseball slogged it to an alert Shandy at square leg. That was about that though. Led by Steve the Pirate with a fine 50, Wantage comfortably jogged along a 5 an over despite the introduction of Evil Dave and the Binman, Shandy and The Egg not quite getting to a couple of tough chances in the field. Gymnast came on to turn his arm over to good effect but by then it was too late. An easy victory for Wantage due to our sub-standard total.

    That said, the highlight of the game was Gymnast running full pelt at deep mid-wicket to catch Steve the Pirate’s lusty heave. A fine catch, worth a perfect 10.00 in any competition. Second on the list would be mini-Rage joining his Dad in the field on Fathers day for the final overs after the Skip was injured drinking too much beer pulling a muscle.

    Always a pleasure playing Wantage and our lacklustre performance meant we got home in time for the footlball as well. Silver lining and all that, eh?

    POST MATCH NOTE:  Due to the cancellation of the Trailfinders game this was the day Shandy played his last ever game for the UK Quokkas, surely a day that will be remembered for generations to come…

    It will always be fondly remembered as ‘THE DAY SHANDY CAUGHT A CATCH!’


  • Once again, the gloom of Melbourne’s winter was broken up by the Quokkas Gownlow evening, celebrating the season that was an the performances that made it.

    In the regal setting of Atticus Finch’s barbecue area, the Quokkas and Quokettes sat enthralled as the review of the season was recalled and votes counted for each match.

    Between reviews, individual honours were given out for particularly notable efforts, including:

    • The Shane Tuck Award (for not being as good as your Dad): Pup
    • The Antibiotics Award (for not being able to catch anything): Radar
    • The Champagne moment (for palming a ball over the boundary for 6): Ed
    • The Passion Pop moment (for drinking a bottle of passion pop): Dutchy
    • The Mick Jagger Award (for best all rounder): Robbo
    • The Leon Davis Award (for worst performance at the BDNO): Emu
    • The Best player at the BDNO: Big Dog
    • Most Wickets: Rev
    • Most Runs: Emu
    • B&F: Emu

    Other highlights of the evening included:

    • Emus girlfriend being given the floor to receive his “most runs” award, then using the opportunity to complain about the way he drones on about his own game;
    • Emu getting emotional at receiving the B&F, Rob Seddon (now nicknamed ‘Phantom’) responding considerately by handing out hankies to everyone;
    • Some random dude at the bar knicking Big Dogs award and ‘hiding’ it in  the toilet;
    • Curto chasing the random dude down the street, confronting him about it, bringing him back to the bar and making him apologise in front of everyone;
    • The bar staff for pulling the trophy out  of the toilet;
    • Emu slipping in his cowboy boots to fall on his ‘most runs’ trophy – and break it; and
    • Raising $100 for Action This Day

    Many thanks to all concerned and well done to all the winners.

  • Salix CC 166/3 (Adam 2/29)  bt Quokkas CC 163 (Evil Dave 49, Skip 33, Tertius 26) by 7 wickets

    Evil Dave's reaction after getting out on 49

    Evil Dave loves batting against Salix. In 2009 beelzebub and the hairdresser smashed us to victory and he was at it again at the weekend. Despite losing his tour opening partner, Slick, to a Royal duck, Satan was not cowed. A stand of 58 with Faggy and 35 with the Skip for the second and third wickets his reward. An unfortunately timed drinks break and subsequent loss of concentration meant a maiden half-century went begging, bowled on 49. 

    Both teams were playing with 10 men at this point, until an out-of-breath figure cycled in and hurridly got changed. An attempted bribe with a beer from the Skip couldn’t stop young Spurr from joining Salix in the field. Turns out we should have bartered higher.  The customary quokka collapse ensued, Adam going second ball, Tom the Yak aggravating a baseball-induced back strain on 2 and the Attack making just 7.

    New Quokka Tertius looked a genuine cricketer and steadied the ship somewhat until he and the Skip got out, leaving Egg and The Goose to scrabble around and close out the innings. No laying jokes please. Spurr took 4/30 in the end, not the last we’d see of him.

    The damp and sticky wicket meant our normally reliable just-short-of-a-length bowling trio of Faggy, Attack and Satan were not getting much joy, the ball sitting up invitingly rather than shooting through and Salix were looking comfortable. Adam and Skip looked more dangerous on a fuller length and took the first 3 wickets, but this only brought young Spurr in to bat. He easily took the run rate over the required asking and we never looked like getting him out.

    Our only other real chance was put down by Goose, flapping away at point. Slick and The Egg were brought on to try and buy a wicket, but only suceeded in getting carted for plenty – no change there. Fittingly Spurr hit the winning runs and ended on 63no off 38 balls, Salix still had 10 overs to spare.

    After Hartfield, it seems like we can either bowl or bat alright, but never both on the same weekend and this loss evened our record against rivals Salix to 3 wins a-piece. Still, at least the rain just about held off.

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  • We here at Quokkas CC are proud to announce that the planning for our 2013 tour to Kenya is well underway.  This tour will be the first time that the Australian and English Quokka teams will be able to play off against one another in earnest, the beach match in Malaysia in the lead up to  “The Attacks” wedding hardly counting (though The Eggs fielding in ‘the deep’ of the South China Sea was something to behold).

    Game(s) against local sides are also being organised, and will be confirmed asap.

    This tour will also give us the opportunity to visit the Kookaburra Community School, which The Quokkas support through the charity; Action This Day.

    While on the tour, The Quokkas will be given the chance to volunteer at the school, though it is uncertain whether it will be the students or The Quokkas running the cricketing clinics.

    The Quokkas are also invited to help the school by delivering one of its ‘sustainability’ projects – details on the link here.

    Stay tuned – more details to come!


  • Hartfield CC 181/5 (Faggy 2/18, Adam 2/38) bt Quokkas CC 51

    The binary nature of this fixture – on/off/on again – meant that only four of the previous week’s tourists made the trip south to east sussex and, despite four new recruits earning their maiden caps, a depleted side of ten Quokkas took to the field on one of the only warm days so far this summer. The lost toss and new look side didn’t seem to diminish our chances – the batting was to come later – as Evil Dave and Adam, on debut, bowled tidy opening spells rewarded with wickets a-piece.

    At first change, Faggy’s fine figures were massaged by several maidens to the limpit-like Ross, all of 12 years old, but at the other end Hartfield’s Skipper was building a sizeable innings. When he was joined by his brother at the crease, he dug in and never looked like getting out. Egg, skippering for the day, rotated the bowling to effect a breakthrough but couldn’t unseat the siblings, Jimbo being the pick of the rest of the “attack”. A comedy dropped catch/missed run-out by our substitute fielder at mid-wicket was the best chance we had at getting one of them out, though when it turned out to be the batsmen’s father standing in for the Quokkas missing player, eyes were narrowed. After 39 overs in the afternoon heat, Hartfield finished on 181 with their captain on a fine 105no.

    After a fine tea, Snoop (complete with actual doggy dogg for the afternoon) was fired out for nothing in the first over. A portent of things to come. Martin Fawcett and Faggy looked good for a while until Martin chipped a half volley to cover and Faggy got out on 17. Then a familiar Quokka collapse ensued. Rage, Gymnast, Jimbo and Evil Dave all departed without troubling the scorers and the Quokkas were 33/7 after only 13 overs. While Dave E, Egg and Adam hung around a bit longer and got the Quokkas over 50 we never looked like scoring any meaningful runs. In the words of comic book guy “Worst Batting Total Ever”.

    So a poor batting performance marred an otherwise enjoyable sunday afternoon. It was good to finally get a game in the UK in and the Hartfield team were a hospitable bunch. The ground and Hartfield village itself looked lovely in the sun. After a shandy in the local pub we retired home to lament our lack of willow wielding prowess.



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