• From Captain Rowdy…

    The Quokkas did battle with Tramways and Sentido Funf in a ‘manaja twa’ of round robin pub cricket

    Whispers were that 75 to 80 was a par score so we aimed for 100 just to be safe and fell only 2 short with 6/98 upon completion of our 10 overs

    The salt and pepper opening partnership of Gladys and Rowdy proved fruitful with both retiring in the 20s. After bench pressing and bicep curling his way to 195 home and away season runs, Emu lost his off stump for a duck – as Jake the Muss said in Once Were Warriors “too much weights, not enough speedwork”

    The shock of losing our premier batsmen cheaply didn’t faze the middle order as Curto (20) and Dutchy (16) pushed the score into the 90s with Rob Seddon icing the cake with a boundary off the final delivery

    Robbo (0/11) the anaesthetist took the new ball with the task of putting the opening pair from the Sentido Funf to sleep. Bad Boy (0/7), Rev ‘(0/9), Ed (1/2) and Big Dog (2/2) all bowled well in our first 5 overs and were backed up with our best fielding display of the season. Gladys’s diving catch and Rev’s overhead mark on the boundary line the highlights. I’ve excluded Big Dog’s 2 wickets from the highlights, as this level of performance is expected from the the clubs leading wicket taker 

    Pup (0/14) led the attack in our second 5 over stint to the Tramways and was backed up by Mo (0/8), Rob Seddon (0/6), Snoop (1/4) and Rowdy (0/3) who all executed to plan. The fielding yet again the highlight with a sharp catch from Bad Boy (amazing what 8 hours sleep and a night off the sauce can do for a man) and Dutchy’s patrolling of deep cover coupled with his attempts to break Curto’s fingers with bullets from the boundary

    With the job done of restricting the opposition to a lesser run rate than that required to achieve the 98 posted we could only look on and watch the final 5 overs between Tramways and Sentido Funf with fingers crossed. The final overs were tighter than our playing shirts and like a Jazzron innings, it was hard to watch. Fortunately the result went our way and the Quokka’s were deserving winners through to the Semi

    I will try and write the report for the Semi v Newry in a similar style to the match itself – brief

    The salt and pepper combo both fell in the first over. Emu strode to the crease still needing 5 runs for the elusive 200 season runs, the situation had the hallmarks of Bradman’s final innings at The Oval in 1948. The 50 strong crowd waited with baited breath, would the champ bring up his milestone on the way to a match saving innings? No, in keeping with the Bradman theme the Emu fell cheaply. This has resulted in a petition being started (allegedly by Dutchy) to have him removed from the Australian Coat of Arms

    With the Quokka’s slumping to 3/3 and the big guns out, the pressure was on. Pressure as they say makes diamonds…and Dutchy saluted to bring up the first diamond duck of the season. Wickets continued to tumble….and tumble. JBomb (15) and Ed (18no) providing the only resistance to what turned out to be the Premier attack of the BDNO. Quokka’s finshed 9/48 from the allotted 10 overs which proved to be 10 to 12 dangerous balls short of what was needed in a cut throat Semi

    The Newry made light work of the target and notched up the 49 required in 4.1 overs. Special mention to Rev who went for 22 off his over, a few ‘possum killer’ deliveries that landed in all areas of the surrounding parkland

    Despite the disappointing end to the tournament for the Quokka’s the overall result was a success to finish unofficially 3rd in the 12 team competition, going down to the eventual Premier

    Congratulations to all players on the day and over the course of the season

    Thank you to all the helpers and supporters

    Big thank you to Serena for a season of scoring and supply of culinary delights

    See you all Presentation Night, I’ll bring the wheelbarrow for Emu

    Rowdy out

  • Match Facts

    The Big Day Not Out


    Quokkas begin @ 12:15

    Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy

    The Big Picture

    And so another season of the YPCA comes to a close with only the showcase fixture, the Big Day Not Out (BDNO), yet to be played.  For those unfamiliar with the day, it involves 12 teams from the league who battle through a round-robin format to find a final winner.  As there is no league table, this is a bit like our version of the FA Cup.

    Being a new team to the league last year, the Quokkas had to field a combined side (with the Royal Derby) but will be a stand-alone side this time around.  The excitement among the ranks has been palpable, with an unprecedented number putting their hands up to play AND turning up to train.

    This excitement may need to be put in context, as the Quokkas have drawn Sentido Funf and the Tramways Hotel in the first round.  Sentido Funf won the tournament last year, though the Quokkas were able to overcome them for a 2-wicket win earlier this year.  The Tramways hotel overcame the Quokkas easily in a tense match earlier this year that will be remembered more for the ‘junkie’ incident than it will for the cricket played.

    The Quokkas are yet to get past the first round in this tournament, and being allocated the management of the Alfred Crescent Bar for the day, will be busy regardless.

    Form Guide

    Quokkas: WLL-L

    Watch out for:

    Emu – After dominating the scoring for the Quokkas this season, we are all looking forward to seeing what ‘the mew’ can do in front of the crowds in the shortened format;

    Rowdy – Has been handed the captains arm band for the day, seeing as though we probably need someone who knows *something* about cricket.  More interesting will be seeing if he says something/anything.

    Team News:

    With almost every player who has turned out for the Quokkas this season putting their hand up for a game, team management have the advantage of fielding  specialist batting and bowling fielding sides.

    Batting: Gladys, Emu, J Bomb, Rowdy, Dutchy, Snoop, Curto, Rob Seddon, Jazzron, Robbo, Ed

    Bowling: Robbo, Bad Boy, Rev, Ed, Big Dog, Pup, Mo, Rob Seddon, Rowdy, Snoop

    ‘Keeper: Curto

    Fielders: Dutchy, Ed, Big Dog, Pup, Mo, Rob Seddon, Gladys, Rowdy, Snoop

  • From Capt’n Ed…

    Sundays game started as normal with a last minute ground swap and we returned to where we played our first game  3 seasons ago. The Brandon batted first and we decided to open with Pup (who returned as his dad had moved above him in the alltime wickets tally) and Mo. Mo inability to find the pitch meant 1 over was enough but Pup struck early with Rowdy taking a nice catch behind the stumps. Wickets fell regularly with Dutchy running a guy out from the boundary, Gladys getting a wicket after copping some stick, Big Dog not letting pup edge in front of him and yours truly taking a catch at short mid wicket. At drinks the Brandon were 5/76. After the break I unleashed the rev who hit the base of off stump with his first delivery, and was rewarded by being dragged after which he abused his captain from the Cover Boundary which caused at least 1 six off my bowling. Rob’s bowled a fiery spell just like Alan Mulally and when Big Dog took the final wicket (Rowdys 3rd catch, better bring a comfy chair to the BDNO Curto)  they only had 130 for the great Quokkas batting line up to chase. 
    Well…..Mo opened with Robbo (second failed experiment involving Mo) and we limped to 5/61 at drinks with Mo, Big Dog, and the rev falling in quick succession around Robbos 18 and Rowdy’s 24. Needless to say the lower order got us home with 2 wickets to spare with Robs “patient” 17, a typical Emu 33 retired, 12 of 5 balls for Dutchy (there I told everyone) and Gladys 9 or the last 3 balls to win the game by 2 wickets and 3 overs to go.
    Good effort all round by the team and just incase Dutchy forgets he occasional;ly will need reminding that he got hit ontop of the changerooms..
    Brandon 131 – Big Dog 2/9, Rev 1/5, Robbo 1/13, Gladys 1/15, Mo 1/something, Ed 1/something, Rowdy 3 Catches, Ed 2 catches and most notably RADAR TOOK A CATCH!!!!!!!!
    Quokkas 8/133 – Emu 33 retired, Rody 24, Robby 18, Rob 17
    The Rev is back on board now so all future emails will come from the great man.
    See you at the Big Day Not Out
  • From Captain Snoop…

    With a first time captain/3rd game veteran at the helm for yesterday’s game I reckon we could have been in trouble even before a ball was  bowled. How true was that!

    In the interests of fairness some slight tinkering of the batting order meant that Ed & Gladys faced the ‘Tramways’ opening bowling attack spearheaded by a  quick skinny bloke wearing his mission brown cords from the 80s and his dessert boots. This skinny bloke along with his team mates bowled extremely well and chased every bloody ball without giving away too many runs. Ed & Gladys tried hard to pick the gaps but boundaries were few and far between. After Ed departed, Jazzron joined a gutsy Gladys who was  showing signs of injury after a nasty thigh muscle tear. At drinks we were 1/48 ish , with Gladys retiring on a well earned 29 after feeling the pinch. So as to try to increase the flow of runs we decided that ` Emu’ would fly in next for some quick runs.  A solid performance from Jazzron came to an end which left the Snoop & Emu in the middle to battle a very consistent and on line bowling attack. With Emu looking quite hungover , the boy from `The Hangover” Aka Bradley Cooper (Snoop) decided it was time to put a few over the fence, if that was possible with his 20 yr old County 747. Some good umpiring by Curto meant that Snoop didn’t get dismissed after a huge appeal for caught behind. Nothing registered on `snicko’.. The Snoop then lost his middle stump on 30 (not great for the average), which saw another hungover Bad Boy aka Lance Whitnall make his way to the wicket to join a tiring but ever reliable Emu with only 3 over’s remaining. Bad boy went cheaply , and this brought the big hitting Rowdy  to the crease to finish off our lacklustre innings with some lovely stroke making and a couple of boundaries. Emu once again made 30 not out to take his batting average to 85 and looking certain to fill his trophy cabinet come seasons end.

    So after a disappointing 25 overs of batting the Quokkas had set Tramways a very easy task of chasing 128 runs.

    Our bowling attack headed by the 3 R’s( Robbo, Radar,Rowdy) started quite well but for very little reward. They were scoring  a run ball which was all that was required. It wasn’t until Curto decided to  hand the gloves to Rowdy that things started to happen. We then saw some strike bowling from Big Dog, good catching from Mo and excellent quick hands from Rowdy that we took a few consecutive wickets. It seemed like the sleeping Quokkas had come to life and some urgency in the field meant there were run outs happening left right and centre. A game that we were never going to win seemed somehow winnable. However , this was short lived as Tramways steadied, kept their head and cruised past the target of 128 with about 3.5 overs to spare. Special mention to Ed, Robbo , Mo , Big Dog and Radar, who were all very good in the field. Oh , and not to forget  Curto who decided he wouldn’t come in to the middle to celebrate  wickets,  but rather chat to his brother on the boundary fence.

    It was definitely a very flat performance by the Quokkas and one that we can only improve on. With some quality players on the sideline with injury, a full strength line up is just around the corner and hopefully so is  Quokka victory.

    Thanks must go to Serena & Kathleen again for all their efforts yesterday in keeping the scoreboard ticking along and all that were involved in preparing the cookies, BBQ and drinks.


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