• Luke Curtain – A Captain’s Diary

    Chapter 3

    Sunday 27th November saw the Labour in Vain do battle with newcomers ‘The Prince Patrick’.  And although ‘Prince Patrick’ sounds more like a discrete body piercing than a reputable drinking establishment, they proved to be formidable adversaries for the Quokkas.

    The Pre-game net session was lively, and our bowlers were looking sharp.
    Unfortunately there was confusion over who was the home team for the day, so a late beer run from Emu and Robbo meant that the Quokkas would have to pad up in overcast conditions.

    Again, the batting order was afresh with new faces. Emu, Gladys and Robbo were all making their debuts, while Bad Boy got his first chance for the season.


    Rowdy and the Rev opened the batting and both got of the mark in the first over.

    But The Prince Patrick struck early. Rowdy (Not unlike a 14 year old boy watching a Sophie Lee hosted cartoon program) was caught pulling.

    J-Bomb came in a made a quick-fire 27 (including 6 boundaries) but was caught out, agonizingly close to his second 30 of the season.

    Matt (Gladys) was next at the crease and a first ball six was followed by some majestic stroke play. His cover drives were not matched by his running between the wickets, with partner ‘Rev’ the casualty, ending a steady-handed innings.

    Gladys was quick to bring up his 30 after the drinks break and when Gregor was out for 7 (after playing all his best shots in the nets pre-game) veteran Dutchy and first gamer Emu put together a partnership worthy of winning the match.
    Dutchy chanced his arm for 22 and Emu who overcame some early nerves went onto make a swashbuckling 32 including a massive six.

    Curto did his best to slow the run rate late with a ‘very hard to watch’ 11, and there were some late contributions by Pup, Bad Boy and Robbo.

    TOTAL 7/155


    With the clouds clearing and the pitch drying out, the Prince Patrick had the better of the batting conditions.

    Robbo and Bad Boy took the new ball both from the Eastern Freeway end.

    Aided by a breeze on the back Bad boy’s first over was a nasty one, and he had the opener dragging back onto his stumps with a peach of a delivery late in the over

    Bad Boy’s jaffa would prove to be the only wicket of the day.
    The boys from Victoria Parade picked their deliveries for the duration of the innings with no less than 5 batsmen going onto make 30.

    The Quokkas tried hard in the field and with the red pill, but inevitably we were chasing leather.
    A miscalculation of our score made the chase a little more interesting (The opposition thought the target was 166), but either way they reached both scores comfortable with an over to spare and wickets in hand.

    The highlight in the field was young Sam Curtain showing vigor and fleet-footedness at 3rd man late in the game. Most importantly he showed that listening to the captain’s instructions pays off in the field

    TOTAL 1/167

    Special mention must go to all those who came to support the team.
    Beth, Jo, Sarah, Sally, Julie, Will, Navina, Trudy and Kristin (who ruled himself out of being a late substitute with a net related injury)

    The signs look good for the of rest season so keep your chins up.

    Luke Curtain; Curto, The Captain, Viv Richards, The Master Blaster

  • Match Facts:
    LiV Quokkas v The Prince Patrick
    Ramsden Street Oval, Clifton Hill

    The Big Picture:

    The Quokkas are coming off their last game with a definite feeling of ‘what might have been’. Approximately 16 dropped catches and several full tosses let The Union, a strong batting side, take the game well and truly away from them.

    The Quokkas have been emailing each other rapidly in response and even managed a net session, which was cut cruelly short by a drinking session.

    The Prince Patrick are something of an unknown, with this being their first season in the league & no-one really that sure of where their pub is.

    With some very strong “ins” this match is a great chance for the Quokkas to get back on the winners list at our spiritual home.

    Form Guide:
    Quokkas: W-L

    Watch out for:

    • Bad Boy – hasn’t bowled a ball in anger this season but has done plenty of good work umpiring, the Quokkas are looking forward to their B&F from 2010-11 returning to the fray;
    • Robbo – The ninth new Quokka to debut this season, Robbo has shown plenty in the nets with good pace and shape, should be like a virgin in a brothel: providing a handful with the new ball;

    Team News:

    • Its “all change” for the Quokkas this game, with 7 players going out and 6 coming in.  Only in Quokka land does that add up;
    • Our beloved scorer, Sarina, is also out for this game – so someone is going to have to learn how its done;
    • After dominating with bat, ball and gloves this season – Curto now shows us what he can do with the captains hat;

    Quokkas (possible):

    1. Rowdy
    2. Rev
    3. J Bomb
    4. Emu
    5. Gregor
    6. Dutchy
    7. Curto (c)
    8. Pup
    9. Snoop
    10. Bad Boy
    11. Robbo

    “where the hell is the Prince Patrick?” – everyone

  • Last Sunday 13th November saw the LiV Quokkas take on the mighty Union Club Hotel.  It was always going to be a tough day on the park for a Quokka squad featuring several new recruits, pitted against last season’s runner up.

    Quokkas brought the barbecue (minus fittings) and therefore chose to bat first.


    The Union struck early.  Big Dog was caught fishing wide of his off stump, and Snoop was out soon after to a good ball that pitched at the stumps – a rare and unlucky occurrence at Pub level.

    That brought Ed and Curto to the crease, and both performed very well against quality bowling.  Ed’s unbeaten 34 was a highlight.  Curto quickly reached 30 runs also, but in true cop-action-movie style, was cut down on the eve of his retirement.

    Jazzron struggled early before a brief rain delay, then came back out to keep struggling on the way to 23.  Radar showed some good middle-order aggression, belting three boundaries and helping himself to 22 runs in quick time.

    Morts and Tiger were unlucky to miss out, but will have plenty of opportunity as the season unfolds.  Pup (with some nice shots off his hip) and Paz batted out the remainder of the overs.

    DNB: Mo, Rev.

    TOTAL 7/135


    The Quokkas were fairly satisfied with our total of 135, but it simply wasn’t enough against a very strong batting side like the Union.

    Rev took the new ball, bowling a fuller length than we’re used to seeing from him.  Unfortunately the Union’s top order treated it with little of the respect it deserved, leaving him with figures of 1/19 from his two overs.  This theme continued for the remainder of the innings.

    The innings wasn’t without its highlights, though.  Paz and Morts showed a lot and could easily have picked up more than one wicket each.  Tiger snared a couple to keep us in the match, and Mo was typically tight, taking 1/11 at the end of the innings.

    Curto did his best to fire up the troops with some excellent glove work and lively chatter, and overall our efforts in the field was above average.  Special mentions go to Snoop with two catches, Paz with three catches, and Big Dog who seemed to field every second ball.

  • Match Facts:
    LiV Quokkas v The Union
    Alfred Cres, Edinburgh Gardens

    The Big Picture:

    After The Newry forfeited the last game, denying The Quokkas their first chance to shine on the main oval at Edinburgh Gardens, this weeks game promises the in-form and upbeat Quokkas a chance to hit the park against one of the leagues powerhouse teams.  The Union were in the final of the last Big Day Not Out, whereas The Quokkas were bundled out in the first round as part of an amalgamated team.

    This is the chance for The Quokkas to really see where they are up to against some of the premier opposition in the league, or at least enjoy the cosy surrounds that Alfred Crescent has to offer.

    Form Guide:
    Quokkas: W-

    Watch out for:

    • Radar – one of three new Quokkas making their debut in this game, he has shown plenty in the nets so far, swinging the ball prodigiously. He also has the best excuse for missing a game in the history of the Quokkas, his band (“Oh Mercy”) is up for an ARIA award;
    • Snoop – also debuting for the Quokkas, actually filled in against us in one game last season when the opposition were short and nearly won the game for them, lets hope he puts in more of a Quokka performance while donning the Grey and Maroon;
    • Morts – the last debut, spliced several Quokkas in twine at The Revs bucks party, firstly with his leg spin (taking 7 for MINUS 17) and then with his cocktails.

    Team News:

    • A good mix of old and new Quokkas in this game, lets try and make sure we win to get back to the Labour and see if we can get Roman to crack a smile;
    • We have 12 available for this game, which will mean 11 will bat and one will bowl only (“the enigma” returns!) – unless we have drop outs;
    • Jazzron is captain for this game;

    Quokkas (possible):

    1. Big Dog
    2. Tiger
    3. Snoop
    4. Mo
    5. Curto
    6. Radar
    7. Morts
    8. Pup
    9. Paris
    10. Ed
    11. Jazzron
    12. Rev (Enigma)

    “Bring it on…13 Nov…” – Sean P Jeffrey, Captain of The Union


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