• Quokkas CC 176 (Attack 42, Terrible 26, Lavers 25) lost to Sheen Park Cavaliers representative VIII 245-7 (Professsor 2/12) by 69 runs

    There's a pitch somewhere under all that mist

    After a beautiful sunny morning, 2pm on Saturday afternoon brought  a torrential shower and the Quokkas and our nominated opponents, Fawe Park CC, retired to the local hostelry for some refreshment. After a pint and no let up in the downpour, Fawe Park threw in the towel and left. The Quokkas are made of sterner stuff however and, fortified with another pint each and the Professor’s homemade lemon drizzle cake, talk began to turn to an England vs Rest of the world six-a-side game.

    Our persistance was rewarded when, firstly the sun came out, secondly the Attack nearly ran over a cricket bat wielding pedestrian whom happened to have also been the victim of an abandoned fixture. A few swift phonecalls and some ferrying about and at 4pm the Quokkas had themselves a friendly 25 over game against 8 members of the Sheen Park CC 3rd XI, a Middlesex and Surry league affiliated club!

    So a step up in class for the Quokkas, who lost the toss and were put into field. The innings followed a currently familiar pattern with the Attack and Evil Dave keeping it tight but not taking any wickets, while our change bowlers claimed some scalps, but got tonked all over the park in the process. The Professor was top of the class, adding bowling to his baking and scholarly skills with a twofer at the death.  

     Needing nearly 10 an over, the Quokkas came out to bat the only way they know how, swinging. The Attack was pick of the bunch with a lusty 42, ably supported by the Terrible in a good mid-innings partnership. Mantis and Tom the Yak hit a few shots up top, and Lavers swung hard at the death until his back went and he was stumped advancing down the track once again. We were all out for 176 after 23 overs after giving a good go, but falling a fair few short. Still it was good to get some sort of game in after we’d been looking forward to it all week and had brought the largest quiche based teas ever seen in south west london. Thanks to the guys from Sheen Park for the game/attack aggro/comedy banter.

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  • After finishing the season a meer three days ago, the Quokkas were scratching around for something to do on summer weekends. And what better way to fill the void in our lives left  by the lack of regular opponents than with more cricket! T20 captain Ivan the Terrible has lined up British Gas to be flame grilled, Quokka style.

    We are playing a week on Saturday 20th at Palewell Common. Let Skip know if you are available for selection.

  • Odney CC 122/2 bt Quokkas CC 121 (Hairdresser 36, Attack 25, Mantis 21) by 8 wickets

    Familiar look to the scoreboard

    The proletariat’s inexplicable desire for unwanted tat forced the Mantis to take executive action and put the Quokkas in to bat as the Skip and half our team were stuck in a traffic jam caused by a Maidenhead car boot sale. The 901st best batsmen in the world of midweek T20 cricket aimed to bring some of that form to the (slightly) longer game and set about the Odney opening bowlers, rattling along at 5 an over. But when his partner Snoop had finally used all his lives and gave up his off-stump the runs began to slow. Tom the Yak went first ball and Odney’s Finlay Jnr claimed his third wicket, all bowled, in skittling the Mantis in his next over. Hairdresser, as is usual these days, set about anchoring the innings as Skip went cheaply for 11 and Terrible was perhaps harshly given LBW on nothing.

    The Attack looked in a fiery mood and immediatley started swinging on reaching the crease. After getting his eye in and surviving being dropped, the long handle was deployed and a mighty 6 was the result. Both he and Hairdresser shared the partnership of the innings before he was ultimately caught on 25, not quite managing to middle another mightly blow. Gymnast bagged another Quokka golden duck and Evil Dave copied Dac in not getting hold of it resulting in an easy catch at mid-off. The Quokkas then created their own version of the latest test controversy just before tea; “Binman-gate” started as Snoop Rob fired Binman out LBW despite all the players, the pavillion and the carboot sale participants knowing that he’d actually hit it. Just like at the Trentbridge test, the opposition brought him back from the boundary as the heavens opened and an early tea was taken on 109/8.

    It was sunny at one point

    At one stage any continuation of the match looked in doubt as the rain fairly pelted it down, forcing the watching Quokettes homeward. Fortunately the Quokkas were happily ensonced in the cosy pavilion tucking in to a fine tea and a few choice ales, highlights of which being the glazed sausages and coconut & chocolate cake, banishing all memories of frozen pork pies. It might even be said that one or more Quokka heroes overindulged themselves, thinking the exertions of the game were over after spying the big puddles forming on the wicket. A quick move to the adjacent astroturf strip put paid to any thoughts of retiring to the bar however.

    This was before he was out first ball

    Resuming their innings after an hour or so, Hairdresser and Binman added a few runs to the total before Binman was bowled and Hairdresser holed out trying to score a few quickly to add to his top score of 36. With Egg left not out again on 0, the Quokkas had posted 121 in 32 overs.

    With the damp astro pitch not offering much for the bowlers, Evil Dave and the Attack toiled away with little reward, save a couple of edges and a short staring contest. The Odney batsmen were playing shots and flashing hard so chances, when they came, were extremely tough. Skip chanced his arm but couldn’t break through, so with the score on 80 for none he turned to The Egg and The Yak for wickets.  Egg bamboozled the openers with flight and had Ali caught at mid-on by Skip for 48, while Tom claimed the scalp of Finlay Snr next over, Mantis taking a good catch on the run. Sadly 121 was never enough runs and even bringing on the Gymnast couldn’t stop Odney winning by 8 wickets in just 23.2 overs.

    Despite the rain and our loss, all agreed it was good to have got the game in. Hence we retired to the salubrious Odney Club bar to do some lowering of the average social class of the patrons. No tat on a plastic table behind a car in a field required, just Quokkas.

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  • Whalers CC 209 (Mantis 2/20, Tom the Yak 2/33) bt Quokkas CC 156/9 (Tom the Yak 42, Lavers 25) by 53 runs

    Despite rumours of it’s demise, Chiswick Civil Service Sports Centre is still around, albeit under new management (better pitches, worse teas). Though this didn’t stop one Quokka from turning up to Regents Park despite numerous notifications to the contrary.

    Whalers 2011

    Warm and Muggy in West London

    With the Skip skiving in Sweden, Egg was entrusted with the captaincy and immediately made an impact: losing the toss and being sent out to field in the early afternoon sun. In muggy conditions and on a greentop, the seamers were always going to be key to a good bowling performance and Evil Dave and Faggy were getting the ball to talk nicely. A suicidal run to Lavers mid-on in the second over – Paul had time to play keepy-uppy, effect a glacial pickup and smoke a pipe before underarming a direct hit – brought the first wicket, but the Whalers batsmen were otherwise playing well. Satan finally took a hard-earned wicket in the 10th with Whalers on 50, but as at Trentbridge, Faggy was bemoaning the lack of DRS for LBW on a number of occasions.

    Tom the Yak, at an unusual first change position, bowled his longest ever spell and bagged a couple of wickets. Gymnast also continued his form with the ball, getting the batsmen to sky one to Mantis who managed to avoid the terrible as he ran in from midwicket. But the Whalers middle order were starting to hit out now and up the run rate, Lavers having an uncharacteristic wayward day and Snoop Robby Rob and Marc were on the end of some tap. It was left to the Mantis, using the extra yard of pace he’s found from T20 to take a brace of wickets, and a couple of runouts including another direct hit, this time from Beelzebub, to close out the innings. That acceleration in the last 15 overs, along with an uncharacteristic 30 wides bowled from the Quokkas, meant a hefty 209 was required after tea.

    Ageing Quokkas start recruitment drive

    Things didn’t get off to a good start when the Mantis was skittled fourth ball, the bowler Khalil just getting it to move enough. With good bowling and Snoop and Shandy at the crease, it was slow going as they played themselves in – Khalil finishing with Bear-esque figures of 2/11 off 7 after getting Shandy caught behind for 17. Snoop had been bowled by the other opening bowler for 3 the previous over, which brought the swashbuckling pair of Tom the Yak and Faggy to the crease. Some buckles were swashed, led by Tom after surviving a couple of marginal LBW shouts, and the 50 partnership was reached in no time at all. That’s as far as it got though as Faggy fell for 12 to…. yes an LBW and the Quokkas were 86/4.

    At this stage the Quokkas were marginally ahead in both run rate and wickets in hand, but could they accelerate as the whalers had. The Terrible was now supporting the Yak, until Tom got a good one that ended his innings for a fine 42 so Evil Dave was sent in to take the attack to the opposition. Unfortunately he lasted but a single ball, damned with the long walk back to the ginormous boundary for a golden duck. Lavers survived the hat-trick ball and then started feasting on the bowling attack. The required run rate was up to 10 an over, but Paul and some wayward bowling was getting them. For five overs the run chase looked on, until both he (25) and the Terrible (13) holed out to their spinner with the Quokkas on 150. The Gymnast and Marc added a few more but it was beyond the Quokkas now.

    So another loss for us at the CSSC ground. At the end of the day, the more consistant bowling attack of Whalers won it for them as 200+ is a big target for the Quokkas in 35 over guise. Top thanks must go to the Whaler who fielded for us while Shandy got his radar out and made it from North to West london.

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