• (contributed by Ed)

    anyway, for inspiration and as it’s 40 years of 50 over cricket (and its friday afternoon) I’ve replaced you all in the lineup with the player who best represents you

    1.       I’m here so hail (Amir Sohail) classy batsmen, handy spinner
    2.       Cath – Micheal Clarke as he bats like a girl….
    3.       J Bomb – Jaques Kallis – have you ever seen them together in the same room………..
    4.       Mo – Ian Chappell – doesn’t even walk when his been given out
    5.       Gregor – Shahid Afridi (handy but not as classy as Amir Sohail)
    6.       Big Dog (c) – Eddie Hemmings
    7.       Jazzron (wk) – Rodney Marsh (he also didn’t like being called Jason)
    8.       Rob – Tim Zohrer jack of all trades, was also leaning towards Hilfanhaus – cheap tailend wickets
    9.       Pup – Luke Butterworth
    10.   Chooka – Andrew Flintoff likes to bowl, bat, booze
    11.   Horse – Jimmy Barnes
    12.   Bad Boy – The Enigma – David Boon. Sweats pure Alcohol

    The Rev – Devon Malcom, one day in his career he will destroy the opostion, everyother day will be ordinary : )

  • Match Facts

    MLQCC v Standard Hotel

    23rd January, 2011

    12.30 (be there at 12.00)

    Fairfield Park, Heidelberg Road (between NMIT and the Fairfield boathouse)


    The Big Picture

    Having got through the baby end of the pool that is the Pub League, the Quokkas are now in amongst the deep stuff and have some tough challenges ahead.  Its unlikely that the Standard will be the beer drinking machine that the Curtin was, meaning that there could be more than 3 cricketers in their midst and sober fieldsman.

    The biggest news is that The Quokkas have decided to alter the way pub cricket is played.  From now on we will be fielding 12 men, with 1 floating substitute who will also bowl 2 overs, enabling more people to get a game (wont be able to bat though).  Ideally suited to Dazzler, this position will be named “The Enigma”.

    Form Guide

    Quokkas LWWW

    Watch out for

    After belly-aching for much of Sunday about being moved to bat at 11, Big Dog now gets to prove his cricketing nous as the skipper of the side.  He has big shoes to fill, or at least Horse shoes, which are also awkwardly shaped.

    Team news

    The Rev goes out for the Quokkas with an injury for the second time in his cricketing career.  The first was a 6 month lay-off after he had to have his finger reconstructed after misfielding a ball in Paris.  Jarring a shoulder in Clifton Hill may be a little less glamorous, but its still put him out for this game.

    Mike and Jason  – aka. Mason – also go out of the team as part of the new rotation policy, but will be brought in again shortly.

    Cath comes into the team for The Rev, who will surely provide a greater pivot at the top of the order with Ed, as well as a test of Big Dogs bipartisanship.

    The Enigma for this game will be Dave “Bad Boy” Armstrong – not sighted since the big win over the hated D’OC

    Rob Seddon also comes back into the side after some time off celebrating some sort of cricket thing that we don’t talk about.  With Jazzron proving himself behind the stumps, Rob can resume his rightful place as most effective bowler of the season (3 balls, 2 wickets).

    Quokkas (possible)

    1. Ed
    2. Cath
    3. J Bomb
    4. Mo
    5. Gregor
    6. Big Dog (c)
    7. Jazzron (wk)
    8. Rob
    9. Pup
    10. Chooka
    11. Horse
    12. 12.   Bad Boy – The Enigma



    “Why am I number eleven?  This team is ridiculous!!” – Big Dog

  • Big Dog and Pup celebrate the victory

    Marque of Lorne Quokkas v The John Curtin
    (contributed by Ed)

     The curtin definitely came down on the John C’s as a rampaging Quokkas line up notched up their debut victory on Sunday. The strong and goodlooking quokkas batting lineup piled on 138 from our 25 overs. My Geoff Marsh like 34 was the pivot for Greg, Mo, Jarrod and Chooka to put on handy runs against an eclectic Curtain attack. 138 look hard for the opposition…it looked even harder after 2 overs when Chooka had reduced them to 2-1. Horses captaincy strangled the batsmen and they struggled their way through to 6/70 off their 25 overs and the quokkas celebrated a glorious victory at the Marque, listening to the biggest thing since Six and Out, the Lawton Bowls Club.

     Some individual highlights:

    • Chooka man of the match for 24no & 2 wickets
    • Dylans majestic footwork that lead him to be out hit wicket
    • The last delivery of the game, with 5 slips and 4 other close in fielders…Darragh bowls a waist high full toss which the batsmen nicked straight into Dylans gloves.


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