• Dan O’Connel 91 all out (Rob 2-0, Mo 2-3, Big Dog 2-9) drew MLQCC 86 (J-Bomb 37 n.o, Ed 31 n.o)

    With the weather forecasts for our second scheduled match of the season looking dark and dubious, the Quokkas arrived at Alfred crescent with eyes focussed purely on the heavens. 

    Keen to get on with the game before the clouds opened, our skipper for the game, Rob, walked into the middle of the Dan O’Connells pre-match catching practice and demanded a coin toss.  This turned out to be rather a clever a move, with several ‘Shamrockers’ putting down easy chances later on in the game.

    Losing the toss, the Quokkas were asked to field, which they proceeded to do so with snail-like energy and enthusiasm.  A highlight being Dazzler being asked to field next to a bench on the boundary, which was followed with the next ball hitting the bench while Dazzler looked on from 20 metres away.  He was later seen sitting on the bench.

    Still, the bowlers hit the deck hard to produce good bounce, which resulted in 8 catches for their innings – surely a record for any Quokka team.

    The spread of wicket takers was also even, with only Mo, Big Dog and Rob taking 2 wickets each.  The skippers coming off 3 balls was, though, fairly special.  Almost as special as Mo getting the ball to reverse and Big Dog completely baffling the batsman.  There were also stifling contributions from Chooka, Red, Dazzler (off the bench) and…well…the whole team.

    The skippers last over resulted in the Shamrockers all being back in the pavilion after 20 overs and 91 runs being scored.  We knew this as we had two of the best scorers of our time on hand; Sarina and Emma.  Many thanks to them and their penmanship.

    Wondering where the runs would come from, the Quokkas responded in the most manly of fashions; by ducking and running when asked to open the batting.  It was left to the youngest ‘man’ in the team; Pup to open up with the fella in the rainbow socks.  While their pairing didn’t set the scoreboard ablaze, they did take the shine off the new ball and saw off the Shamrockers best bowlers.

    Pup eventually managed to hole out to the gulley, while Ed had to retire having reached a breathtaking 30.  His flicked 6 down the ground reminded some bystanders of a young Yuvraj Singh, while others thought this was a tail-ender firmly at play.

    Coming in off his man-of-the-match performance, Mo had much promised and started straight away by giving the ball an almighty wack – straight up in the air.  This resulted in the J-Bomb exploding on the crease, smashing his way to a retirement score of 37 that included three 4s and three 6s (all of which were flat batted). 

    The J-Bombs innings was particularly noteworthy as his batting partners fell like shrapnel around him, Rob, The Horse and Big Dog all falling for a combined 3 runs.  The Horse did look like he might be able to get a good innings of tip-and-run in, until he skied one to the well-drilled fieldsmen.

    Chooka came in to provide some calm amongst the J-Bombs score, until the real storm came through and completely wiped out the game.  Thankfully Mrs Rev was on hand to cook the barbecue, so all was not lost. 

    Well done to all the Quokkas, particularly J-Bomb for his man-of-the-match performance.

    Roll on, 2011!


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