• After months of anticipation, the Marquis of Lorne Quokkas finally took to the field this Sunday for their official debut in the Yarra Pubs Cricket League (YPCL).  Unfortunately for the Quokkas, their opposition (the Tramways hotel) did not. 

    Was it due to the understandable level of fear that is going around the YPCL regarding the Quokkas, this mysterious band of international cricketers, or was it due to the Tramways team attending a gentlemans club until the wee hours of the morning?  We may never know.

    The upshot of this outcome was two-fold though, with the Quokkas recording their first win and getting some valuable match practice in with the 7 versus 7 match in a 28 over extravaganza. It was, in all, an inspiring story of attendance.

    Winning the toss and deciding to bat rather than stand in the afternoon sun, Chooka put the Quokka ‘a’ side in with an opening combination of Ed and the Horse.  The ‘A’ side didn’t quite live up to their name, with Ed managing to pick out at least one of the fielders with every shot he played, the Horse being too preoccupied with protecting himself (after taking guard without a cup), the Rev seeming more interested in running out his batting partner and Chooka mistaking the game for a ‘hit the ball in the air’ competition.  Only Jazzron and Tulip seemed up to the task as they helped the ‘A’s reach a modest total of 42.

    The ‘B’ team started aggressively with Pup and the J-Bomb exploding out of the blocks, though Pup took after his uncle Rev and had J-Bomb run out.  Let this be a warning to the rest of the league; don’t take on Eds arm.

     Horse eventually had Pup caught behind off a deceptively straight one, which brought the destructive pair of Gregor and Mo to the crease.  This pair made the total with runs and overs to spare, with Gregor in a particularly destructive mood and Mo taking advantage of the Revs field placings to hit the ball into the newly vacant spaces.

    Wicket-keeper of the day, Rob, managed to get a bat in at the day to compliment his freakish takes with some cross-batted swipes into the deep.  It wasn’t enough to grab the man of the almost-match award, with Mo taking the broken bat home thanks to his lusty hitting and athletic caught and bowled.  Mo’s wife came a close third for some awesome sledging of his efforts.

    In all, a great day out for the lads in shorts, with a win and some much needed time in the middle.  Bring on the dreaded DO’C!

  • Roll up, roll up for the event of the year. Yes the awards ceremony season is upon us again, which means I can roll out the annual “Who will be taking the Rev home tonight?” line once more.  As well as the Best & Fairest, the Quokkette, the Egg Bravery, the Twenty20 awards and the Andrew Smithers Champagne Moment are also up for grabs for this season’s crop of outstanding Quokka sportsmen.

    It is a 7pm start… at Marco Pierre White’s Steak and Ale house.  We have reserved our own private room and Skip has sourced a decent deal for the lads. For any veggies there will be veg options on the set menu. It should be a good night. It is at East India House 109-117 Middlesex St London, E1 7JF

    I encourage everyone to bring their Quokkettes…. they will enjoy it…

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