• The Victorian Quokkas are continuing to prepare for the summer with games being lined up against Phillip Island CC, French Island CC, a Loch Sport XI and the ‘Big Match’ XI.

    The Committee has also been in touch with Cricket Victoria (CV) and we are looking to have games against some of the towns impacted by the bushfires last year, enabling them to get a game (though of poor standard!) and enabling us to see their towns and meet the good people themselves. CV are also looking for us to play in some social games against new migrants to Australia, lets hope that doesn’t include the touring West Indian / Pakistani teams!

    Our chosen charity for the summer is going to be Action This Day (www.actionthisday.org.au), which looks to combat extreme poverty in Kenya. We are looking for opposing teams to make a contribution &/or assist in raise awareness about the cause.

    We had our first ‘net session’ for the summer last week, despite the involvement of the unpredictable Melbourne weather, and the signs were looking promising. Young Gregor had good zip with the ball, Nick looked like a wall with the bat, Jeremy was thinking and even the Rev managed to get some bounce!

    Net sessions and fixtures to be advertised on the site asap, please drop us a line if youre interested in joining us or learning more about us!

  • Skip 191-8 (Skip 109no, Sprog 23) (Egg 3/42, Smithers 2/37) lost to Smithers (Shandy 43, Rick 36, Evil Dave 26) (Rage 2/28, Sprog 2/37) by 3 wickets

    With the Old Duffers opposition bailing out of the Regents Park fixture the Skip had to find some way of satisfying the cricket-lust of the quokka faithful. Our squad was big enough to host a quokka v quokka event…but who could be captains? Clearly Skip could skip, but the only other competent in the squad was Egg…and the problem for Skip with having Egg captain was that the Egg had a better captaincy record than his own and he couldn’t afford to lose. He has to find someone he could beat…remembering Smithers won the “Can’t bowl, can’t bat, can’t field” Award on last season’s tour he asked the question, and Smithers eagerly accepted. Bring it on!!

    Squad selection was done out of a hat in a pub the day before with Smithers having the stronger batting line-up on paper and the Skip having some decent bowlers. The game could go either way. Lets pray for some sun.

    Winning the toss, Smithers chose to field first. Setting a pretty attacking field, Smithers sent Rick in to open the bowling. He charged down for 6 overs giving away just 17 runs and taking the prize Frumkin wicket. Skip hung in there taking a couple of body blows and moaning that it wasn’t fair that we were bowling so seriously. Satan at the other end was also throwing down some decent balls. When they came off and the Egg came on Skip thought they’d weathered the onslaught and that his side would start to score…however, the Egg was on fire. Ali, Tom and Ivan were all scrambled out quickly with both Ivan and Tom failing to trouble the scorers. Some great fielding saw Joe run out and then Smithers bowled Mohan leaving just 4 wickets to take. Mantis took up the mantle and forced the stumping of Mark. The Gymnast then took a fine wicket, having Trigger caught at mid-wicket (the 3rd time that the gymnast has dismissed Trigger). With that the 30 overs were done. Oh, and Skip scored 109 not out. They finished 191-8

    Rick and the Mantis were the opening pair for Smithers. Umpiring at mid-wicket Smithers must have felt his team were on to a winner. Both were playing proper cricket shots! However, disaster struck early on when Mantis was caught off the bowling of Mohan for 5. This wasn’t in the game plan. Luckily Rick proved just as good with the bat as he was with the ball and soon put on 36 before being bowled by Ivan late on.

    The gymnast came and went, hitting a nice boundary before Trigger exacted his revenge for the earlier dismissal. Paul stepped up and showed us all how to bat, stroking the ball around the pitch for a cool 43, before being caught by Egg’s brother. Satan banished the demon ducks from his memory of his last 2 innings with a quick fire 26. With 4 overs remaining we needed just 37 to win. A duck, then 1 from the Egg and suddenly it looked difficult. 17 needed from 2 overs with Smithers and Neil at the crease. Skip, hoping to bowl the final over and take the glory, decide not to put himself on and get the job done….he wanted to go the full 30 overs. That turned out to be a big mistake…6/4/4/4….Smithers had been building up to this all season and wasn’t about to let his team down. Smither’s quokkas emerged victorious with an over to spare. Neil smiled that it had never been in doubt…

    As always, cricket was the winner and thanks for bringing so much support. I’m sure there’ll be a re-match sometime next season. Who’s bringing the quiche?

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