• Quokkas CC 82 (No-one anything) lost to St Anne’s Allstars (Skip 3/15) by 5 wickets

    Skip and Egg arrived late and by that time the first bad call of the day was made by Smithers. He won the toss and elected to bat. Batting should of easy on a placid pitch, Shandy and Rob F put on about 20 for the first wicket but looked tentative. Then the ferocity of the St Annes bowlers, and the inability of the Quokka batsmen, meant wickets tumbled. Skip remained watchful at one end, mainly watchful of other Quokkas disappearing back to the pavilion (well park bench actually). Egg and Skip put on nearly 30 for the last wicket, before the Quokkas final crumbled for 82 all out, but not before had Smithers come in and played his own game of 6 and out.
    The Quokkette’s fine teas got Skip going, Think it was Natalie’s cherry…… cake.
    After a good fielding practice the Quokkas were alive. Dac got the opener LBW for 4 and then Skip showed the Captain’s spirit. With only one good leg, he bowled with pace and guile, despite losing the bet with the umpire that he could swing it. Bats 2,3 and 4 were removed for 0,4 and 0. A spell of 3-15 off 7 overs and it was game on. Dan U, on debut,  showed some true grit and got the plucky Reid caught behind by Terrible for 28 and they were 5 down. Unfortunately Vimal came to the crease and started the rearguard action. St Annes had 60 on the board and with a few lusty blows they reached the small total and it was handshakes all round.

    A 10 over beer match followed. The quokkas managed to outscore their first match total of 82… With Egg retired on 20 not out and Karl the gymnast 13 no…… Just shows that the Quokkas should always play with a beer in their hand. But we even lost that one!

    All in, chief Quokkette Nicola showed the best performance of the day, producing a mighty fine tea for both sides. The rest of the Quokkas failed to live up to expectations on a sunny afternoon in south west London. But the many beers and the friendly rivalry versus St Annes saw the Quokkas looking forward to beating St Annes next year.

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  • Salix CC 167-8 (Simon D 3/8, Skip 2/19) lost to Quokkas (Hairdresser 64, Evil Dave 666, Ches the Kiwi 34no) by 5 wickets

    We WON!?  168 in 20 overs?!?!?  What the HELL!?!” – The Rev


    We bowled and fielded like men possessed. Arriving an hour early, the intense fielding practice in the midday sun soon paid off. Dac “The Attack” caught his first catch for 3 years and followed it up with an absolute belter, one off the skip’s not so great off spin. Simon D bowled 8 overs for nothing, Viqas whipped it in with devilment and the Professor out thought their batsmen! .The arch rivals Salix struggled to 167 for 8. Happy teas were had by all.

    Yes cricket was great

    After watching Paul Lee and Rob Frumpkin hit 23 off the first 10 overs a couple of weeks ago v Isis, Skip knew things had to change. Skip told evil Dave, “Just play your natural game”…his response was “What? just tw*t it?” Skips replied “yep”, bit like Gilly / Jayasuriya, he hit 2 great sixes and Salix had to take off their opening bowler who had got Skip out second ball. Hasan, the first Quokka Bangladeshi, came and went, not use to the bouncy perfect English pitch, but this only hastened the entry of the Hairdresser, who came to the crease full of confidence. He looked good and pulled out his now obligatory straight six on his way to 64. Dave smashed his way to 30 odd before going for one too many evil drives. New French Quokkette MarieV was suitable impressed and Satan was in for a good night. 

    In came Ches “the Kiwi” for his debut. Although not timing a single shot, his club cricket prowess was for all see. From then on the result was never in doubt. The hairdresser milked the applause as he got out with only 4 needed for the win. Dac hit a 6 off his second ball to secure surely one of the Quokkas greatest wins.

    Roll on the summer


    Yes that is us batting, not the opposition

    "but that's nearly 8 an over!"









    Footnote re Wantage: The pink cowboy hats were left in the bag as Quokkas revelled too much in glory of the great Salix victory. Struggling to raise 11, the game was called off. Tweeky was devastated.

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