• With the very melty summer almost over, the good people of Victoria have started to creep out from under trees to dart under bus stops to now avoid the rain.  When its not raining though, or shaking from earthquakes, they are also having barbecues and playing social cricket; or at least thats what the newest Quokkas have done.

    Introducing themseles to one another, and also the game of cricket, the Victorian Quokkas embraced the idea of cricket without talent or commitment and have already started thinking about the games they will miss next year.

    Stay tuned!

    the remains of the day

  • Spotted in Thailand by Smithers.

    The Quokka Bar!

    Smithers and ladyboys not present.



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  • Strong.
  • Proper swing bowling that was. Pitch it up.
  • Fabulous article which made us smile in the Spanish sunshine...
  • You forgot to mention Harry getting to bowl an over aswell. ...
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