• Quokkas CC 81 all out (Mantis 23, Attack 19) lost to Odney Club by 3 wickets (Fatman 5-30, Attack 2-40)

    Our founder and resident clergyman said goodbye to this green and pleasant land with a final game of the season in the lush grounds of the odney club in maidenhead, made even greener by the copious rain falling all weekend. Knowing this was the last game for the Rev, our hosts gallantly decided to play anyway and put the quokkas into bat. Rekindling their opening partnership from the previous match, the Egg and the Rev strode timidly to the crease and soon returned as Egg went first ball to a diving C&B and The Rev followed soon after, also for zero, receiving a guard of honour from the team as he departed the field of battle for the last time. This also saw the slowest consumption of a yard of ale/best impression of an aardvark ever experienced in cricketing circles.

    The Mantis, the Attack and Fatman added precious runs but the conditions and several hangovers saw to the other Quokkas, all going cheaply. Not even the return of Sammy D after nearly two years could stop the rot. A final total of 81 was never going to be enough.

    But fuelled by frozen porkpie and chocolate cake the Quokkas took to the field to try and pack the Rev back off to Oz with a victory. The Attack and Fatty were entrusted with the new ball and making use of the skidding conditions, soon ripped into the odney batting line-up as they had done to us earlier. Fatman’s second five wicket haul for the Quokka’s made a fist of it, but the big hitting Chris from the odney club, batting down the order, saw them safely past the meagre Quokka total, despite the Attack also claiming a couple of wickets.

    As last year, great hospitality from the Odney Club guys meant the Quokka’s didn’t go home too disheartened, but we look forward to returning to winning ways next year




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