• Quokkas 147 (Attack 38, Nige 27, Hairdresser 14) def Tusmore 82 (J Slater 2-8, Smithers 2-16)

    Arriving in the warm sunshine at Tusmore Estate, the Quokkas were quick to decide that batting would be the best option, despite their seemingly strong bowling line-up, if the opposition ever showed up.

    They did, and The Egg lost the toss, though we were still sent in to bat.  The ‘elephant in the room’ of the Quokkas season, the bet between The Egg and The Rev for highest batting average, was suddenly brought to the fore as the two opened.  It proved to be somewhat successful, as byes were taken wherever possible before The Egg was bowled by an absolute beauty.

    ‘Big’ Carel Venter then joined The Rev for some more mad-dashing between the wickets before he too went, to a not-too dubious LBW decision.  This though, re-united Nige and The Rev, who continued to dash between the wickets and (in Nige’s case) hit boundaries.

    All this running and sun eventually caught up with The Rev, and he was eventually run-out while ambling aimlessly down the pitch.  The middle-order then went on to defy convention, with The Attack, Nige and The Hairdresser all getting in the runs.  The Attack was particularly devastating, smiting boundaries until he seemingly got bored and hit one into the stratosphere that was unlucky enough to fall to the bowler.

    The tail also managed to wag, with The Terrible, The Professor and Smithers all getting in the runs, helping the Quokkas to a healthy score of 147 in a meagre 30 overs.

    After the always delightful tea spread that is laid out by the ladies of Tusmore, the Quokkas took to the field with happy stomachs and spirits. And with good reason, as the newly arrived clouds helped create swing that Justin Slater (not sighted since Slovenia) used well to remove the top-order.

    Assisting the returned Slater (J) was the other fire-brands, The Attack and Fagberg, who held up the run-rate significantly, creating pressure on the batsmen to score. The introduction of Nige, Smithers, the Professor and the Hairdresser saw the batsman chance their arms, to little luck.

    Indeed, the catch held by Nige was enough to kill off any hope that Tusmore had, and so it turned out to be,
    with Carel and The Egg bowling out the remaining overs and see the Quokkas hold on to a 70-run win.

    Well done to all the lads, with this being one of the more evenly-contributed efforts yet for the Quokkas, re-enforcing our egalitarian ethos.  This was particularly shown in the field with good efforts, backing up and stops held by all. Particular mention should go to The Terrible for his good work and bravery behind the stumps, taking what missed the gloves with his face.

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  • Quokkas CC 97 (Skip 25, Nige 19, Rage 14) lost to Crowmarsh CC by 10 wickets

    The last time the Quokkas turned out to Crowmarsh was the summer of 2005. Some of you may remember this as the Year of the Volunteer or Spain joining Belgium in allowing same-sex marriages, or perhaps even the year that Harold Pinter won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

    But not the Quokkas, the Quokkas remember the summer of 2005 for the pasting that was handed to them by Crowmarsh CC and so it was with great trepadition that they saw the game in the fixture again, and greater trepadition still that they travelled out to the lovely grounds that are Crowmarsh CC.

    Losing the toss, things seemed somewhat positive with the Skip and Paul Lee (no relation to Brett or Shane) making a solid start before Paul fell playing one too many aggressive shots. The introduction of Mantis at first drop did nothing to halt his slide of form, though the Rage and Skip did make a good start before the Rage fell to an excellent ball.

    It was at this point that memories of 2005 came flooding back, with 4 wickets falling for 5 runs before Nige and the Rev put on a 24 run partnership. Their eventual dismissal saw the tail go cheaply and hilariously, with Jason stumped by a 9 year-old, and Neil Sylvester running himself in the most confusing of circumstances.

    Knowing that 97 wasnt enough, the Quokkas still went out with some pep, as the bowling line-up of Faggy and the Attack would take wickets anywhere, against anyone. But not Crowmarsh, it would seem. After a little more than 13 overs and no wickets, the game was over and history had been repeated.

    While The Quokkas have produced a more balanced squad, they still are no match for a proper cricket team. Still, that’s hardly the point and so we go on to our next match against the friendlier Tusmore.

    Quokkas v Crowmarsh

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