• Strollers CC 238 (I Krunic 100+, French 50, French 4/24, Lupton 3/??)

    Quokkas CC 138 (Skip 50 n.o, PJ 19, Professor 11, Egg 2/24)

    Following on from last weeks 1 run loss, the Quokkas committed to improving; turning up early for fielding practise (well, most of them), not drinking the night before the match (well…) and conceptualising (no, really). This certainly did improve on the 1 run loss, turning it into a 100 run loss.

    In many ways though, it was an actual improvement, particularly in the field with sensational catches being held by PJ and the Rage. Unfortunately Skip was supervising the fielding practise, proving to be fatal when he missed a sitter off Fatman.

    The game started well, with The Strollers only having 8 players at the start of the game, resulting in them being sent in and struggling against the raw pace of The Attack and swing of The Rage. The Strollers quickly settled though and seemed well on top of the merry-go-round bowling line-up implemented by the Skip

    It wasnt enough though, as The Strollers piled on the runs, with one of their openers going on to score a century after two curious let-offs by the Hairdresser from the Eggs bowling. The Egg wasnt to be denied though, taking 2 quick wickets and creating a run out.

    While there was some joy from dismissing the Strollers, it was a little shallow being in the last over of their innings and the score sitting on 238. Still, the riverside boundary was almost within spitting distance from square leg and The Mantis had been threatening to play 60 pull-shots for some time.

    Unfortunately for the Quokkas, The Strollers number 3 (named ‘French’) had the same effect on them as Standardd CC (in Paris) did, in short, demolishing them. French was easily the fastest bowler the Quokkas had faced, particularly in bad light, and one of the smartest too. Clean bowling the top order and leaving the Quokkas at 5/26 after 8 overs, the signs were grim.

    Composure was regained through the Skip and PJ, who forged what must be a record 7th wicket partnership for the Quokkas, and then through the Professor, but it wasn’t to be enough.

    Though resolutely beaten, the Quokkas showed great spirit throughout and were sharp in the field, while the middle and lower order batted well once the French was spent.

    Next up, the tour game to Slovenia….

  • Quokkas CC – 160 (Mantis 42, Hairdresser 40)

    Isis CC – 161/9 (Attack 4/21, Rage 2/9)

    Welcome back Quokkateers and I hope you all had an enriching off-season, storing up your energy for following the season ahead. In my own off-season I took a sabbatical to the hills of Shoreditch where I was told by a soothsayer* that 2008 would be a year of change, and that if I didnt create change, it would be created for me.

    And so it turned out to be with the Quokkas, after years of defying the odds and winning despite a lack of talent, ability, skill and endeavour – they finally changed their ways and held on to lose closely.

    After going in to bat, the game started to an unchanged tune with a top-order collapse anchored by the Rev, though defied by the rebellious Mantis, Fatman, Hairdresser and PJ. The Terrible also made a statement after being dropped from 3 to 11, swashbuckling away for some quick runs in an electric partnership with The Egg.

    Having brought up a total of 160 off 40 overs, The Quokkas were feeling pretty confident about defending the score, particularly after the first couple of overs as the Attack started tearing through batsmen with new-found vigour. It wasn’t all new-found vigour for the Quokkas, as their ability to drop catches carried over well from 2007.

    Also working against the Quokkas were some over-active umpires who called (a record ?) number of extra’s against the bowlers.

    One new change, though, was the bowling at the end of the innings. The Rage, The Fatman and co. all came in to take valuable wickets, but it wasnt to be. With the score on 159, The Rage threw down a vicious in-swinger that confounded the batsman and flew off the edge of his bat to The Rev at first slip, who duly dropped the chance.

    A couple of hectic singles later and Isis were home, leaving the Quokkas somewhat bewildered and disappointed, though enthusiastic about the changes to come.

    * not actually a soothsayer


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