• weddingLooking to spice up the off-season and develop some team bondindification, as well as work on the team song, The Quokkas started up their own barbershop quintet recently to much acclaim.

    Shows were quickly booked in venues such as ‘The Duck’ in Rotherham, ‘The Red Lion’ in Winkleston and the ‘Stars in their Irises’ night at ‘The Turtles Back’ in Donnington.

    After all the pizazz though, showtime quickly arrived and the boys quickly showed their true colours (see photo).

    The rest of the tour was quickly cancelled.

    And yes. The Rev did make off with the glass.

  • After a season interrupted by rain and clouds, the Quokkas season came to a close on Friday October 12 at the inaugural Quokkas Best and Fairest presentation night in a shower of light and glitz.

    After a customary slow start, the attendees arrived in their finery and quickly got stuck-in to the 2-for-1 drink specials. These were doubly appreciated as The Revs summation of the season began.

    Each game of the season was reviewed, with highlights and votes being announced. Applause was particularly raucous when votes were distributed to the newer members of the team such as Robert the Bruce and PJ.

    The ‘smaller’ awards were presented in between rounds, with Smithers presenting his Champagne Moment to himself, The Egg presenting the Bravery Award to The Rev and Thug P’s best heckle award going to The Rage.

    The highlight of the evening, though, was the presentation of The Quokkas Best & Fairest Award, which deservedly went to Dac ‘The Attack’ Nguyen for his amazing season.

    Congratulations to The Attack for a destructive year, as well as all the winners and Quokkas, here’s looking forward to a great season in 2008!
    The Attack fondles the RevThe EggeggsmithersWP and Skipthe quokka night


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